“How to Commit Voter Fraud on a Massive Scale”: Part 2 of Project Veritas Investigation into Seedy Clinton Network Underworld

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The Police Couldn’t STAND to see this Black Business Owner doing well

The Police Couldn’t STAND to see this Black Business Owner doing well, so they Planted Crack Cocaine in his business then ARRESTED HIM!

Had he not had cameras, he would STILL be in JAIL.

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This Video Of A Homeless Man Sharing His Food Will Change Your Life Forever

If someone starving approached you and asked you to share your food with them, would you do it?

In a public social experiment done by YouTube sensation OCK TV, two average guys; ET and Dennis, went around NYC to see if they could answer that question. Their results? They fail all three times. Not a single person will accommodate them. Worse off, a guy chowing down on his pizza yells at one of them to “get the f–k out of here.” Someone did a helluva job raising him.

A few seconds later, ET and another team member purchase an entire box of pizza and hand it to a homeless man, who coincidentally appears happier than any of the other characters we meet before him.

Shortly thereafter, Dennis dresses himself as a homeless man and sits down by the man with the pizza. He tells him that he’s hungry and asks him if he can spare an extra slice. Without a moment’s hesitation, the homeless man happily shares his food.

The next part brought tears to my eyes, as I imagine it will yours.

Click below to see the video that will change the way you see the world…and the way you treat other people. When it all comes down to it, we’re all human beings sharing in the human condition — homeless or not.

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Kim Kardashian’s Photo Literally Just Stopped The Internet


Kim Kardashian’s butt literally just broke the Internet with her front cover photo of Paper magazine…baring her famous back side of course.

The photo was shot of Kim’s oiled up, bare behind for the 2014 Winter issue of the magazine.


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While I’m sure her fans will be gushing over the shot…Kim looks the happiest of all!

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Courtesy of Elite Daily

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The #1 Secret To Getting Any Business Deal You Want (Literally)


This was a Facebook post I  recently made from my personal page that turned out to be pretty popular. So I wanted to copy it over and share it with everyone here. Hope it helps!

OK HERE’S MY #1 TIP FOR ALL ENTREPRENEURS, consultants, service providers, product owners or anyone else starting out in business.

This is how I literally went from a broke nobody marketing consultant to 7 figures in revenue, marketing partnerships with $500 million companies and features in Forbes, TMZ, Huffington Post and 100+ others in less than a year since transitioning from my first business that I started when I was 18.

Here it is: I’ve said this before, but there’s always a million ways to say the same thing. I GIVE (real, wholehearted value) first. And expect NOTHING in return.

If you find a way to do this with any venture, you’re going to be a huge success. As an example, for my business, I write up detailed marketing plans where I literally lay everything on the table.

I literally give individuals and companies the keys to the castle with a FULL plan and I don’t hold anything back. At this point they can either choose to run with the plan and do it on their own.

If that’s the case, I truly wish them the best of luck and ask that they keep me posted on how they’re doing.

BUT what happens the vast majority of the time, is they HIRE me, PARTNER with me, COLLABORATE with me, and a million other things they can do to reciprocate.

And then I help them execute and maximize the plan I’ve already given them.

Try this principle of giving first in your business and expecting nothing in return and report back to me with your results. Will be interested to hear how it works for you!

PS: Study everything you can about the Strategy of Preeminence by Jay Abraham. Will change the way you look at business and will change your life.

Now go get some deals.

To your success,


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15-Year-Old Justin Bieber’s Racist Joke [VIDEO]

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(VIRAL VIDEO) Lil Boy’s A Pimp: Stresses Out Over Having THREE Girlfriends!

Lil dude can’t decide which one to get rid of.

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VIRAL VIDEO: Heroic Man Catches Falling Baby In China. Unbelievable.

This hero in a South China city caught a one-year-old baby on Sunday after it fell out of a second story window.

A street vendor that lives across from the building in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City of Guangdong Province, said the baby appeared to be looking for his mother in a heavy thunderstorm.

A neighbor resident, Mr. Li, raced across the street and held out his arms to catch the baby.

Another resident, Mr. Hu, also joined to help catch the baby. Other residents laid out cardboard and a small sofa as well.

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Sad Story: 19-Year-Old Girl Does Porn & Kills Herself When People From Her High School Find Out (VIDEO)

I don’t really have any words for this this time. We can speculate all the many reasons she chose to kill herself, but I guess it was all just too much for her. It’s always painful for me to think of how much pain someone is going through that drives them to this point. You never know what someone is going through on the inside. We all have problems. Every last one of us.

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He Goes Beast Mode: Son Sees The Man Who Murdered His Mother! (VIRAL VIDEO)

Share if you’d do the same for your mama…I would. I’ll gladly take the disorderly charge.

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